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    A Luxury Cocoon Treehouse

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

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    Check out the new luxury, cocoon-like treehouse.

    The Cocoon Tree is a sphere-shaped tent built from aluminum and weather resistant tarpaulin and is designed to be suspended from a tree. Inside, you will find a mattress able to easily accommodate two adults or even a couple and two small children. The sphere is 3 meters in diameter and each of the 12 suspension cords is able to hold 1.6 tons of weight.

    The product description notes that "besides being hung from a tree, the Cocoon Tree is also able to be attached to a floating ring in water or fixed to a post driven into the bottom of a lake. An installation team will help you to set up your cocoon or you can install it yourself with the company’s assistance.

    Another remarkable home concept is the free spirit sphere. These handcrafted spheres are suspended from a web of rope and designed to fit into a forest without altering the surroundings. Its designer wants to give you a feeling of floating when in the sphere - a place to reconnect and commune with nature.

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