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    Sonia Gandhi in Kangra campaigns for Congress

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    Attacking the BJP government for not implementing the central schemes effectively, the Congress President continued, “The UPA Government at the centre released huge financial assistance for education, health, employment generation and welfare of the women. But it is very sad that the state government did not use these funds properly and as a result the benefits of the central schemes did not reach the poor. There is no improvement in the lives of the poor. The people face a lot of difficulties because of the lack of facilities in education and health. You should keep all these facts in mind before casting your votes and I appeal to all of you to ensure the defeat of the anti-poor BJP government here”. Referring the price rise Sonia Gandhi said
    Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, while addressing a well attended Congress rally on Tuesday at Shimla - the capital of poll bound Himachal Pradesh- slammed the ruling BJP government in the state for lack of development in the state. “What BJP did for this state in the past five years? Why the state of affairs is so pathetic here? In the past five years they did nothing in the fields of tourism, education, roads and other infrastructure. The educated youth here are jobless. The farmers and other workers also have been facing hardships at present. The life of my sisters here are full of troubles. The BJP is bothered not about the interests of the people but only about themselves”, said Sonia Gandhi.