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    Sonia Gandhi in Kangra: UPA’s FDI policy is for the benefit of the farmers

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    Sonia Gandhi then talked about the benefits of Foreign Direct Investment in retail. “The UPA Government is committed to protect the interests of the farmers. That is why we helped them by waiving off their loans. The farmers in villages are forced to sell their products for cheaper prices and those were later sold in cities for big prices. We want the farmers get proper and adequate prices for their produce. This will be possible only if the farmers are able to sell their goods directly at the cities. I want to ask, should farmers not get the money for their hard work? People should get their security needs at a fair and affordable price. And this is the concept behind allowing FDI in retail. The important thing is that every state has the liberty not to implement FDI in their state” she said. While concluding her address the Congress leader requested the voters to ensure every single vote for the Congress and urged them to become a part in the process of development and welfare of Himachal Pradesh.