How to play One Direction Little Things Guitar Lesson| Chords | Strumming

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How to play One Direction Little Things Chords | Easy | Beginner | Fingerpicking

The OFFICIAL Rex Pearson Guitar Tutorial For One Directions Brand New Single Little Things. Learn how to play the Easy way or the hard way in this guitar tutorial. For all the lessons head to:

This is a pretty unique lesson? why? I have done 2 tutorials in 1 video lesson so depending on your ability and how much you want to learn you can dive right in and get cracking.. If your a beginner guitarist just hit the beginner tutorial at the end of this video or in the link below to learn the the easy way to play this fantastic new song Little Things by One Direction. If your one of those people that want to learn everything or have some grounding in the basic chord shapes then you have also come to the right place! Please dont forget to subscribe if you enjoy this lesson and would like to know about more. The more support the more lessons!


Beginner Chords One Direction Little Thing Guitar Lesson:

Advanced Guitar Lesson One Direction Little Things (Fingerpicking):

Guitar Chords For One Direction Little things:

Intro & Verse Chords - G Cmaj7 Em7 Dmaj (F# in bass) C D

Bridge - Am C Em D

Chorus - Am C G D

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