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    Why You Should Never Breakup a Couple So That You Can Get Back With Your Ex


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    The temptation to break up a couple just to get back with your ex might be irresistible. You might have several reasons why this idea has come up in your mind. But no matter what your reasons might be, you have to remember that it is always a bad idea to break up a couple in order for you to have your way. Here are the reasons why.

    There is a Reason Why You Two Broke Up

    Always remember the reasons for your break up. Stop thinking of how you two were so in love with each other previously. Instead, think of the reasons why that love is gone now. Think of the frequent arguments, insults, and especially of the pain that you have gone through your previous relationship. You do not want all those happening again, do you? Accept the fact why you broke up and it is now over between you two. Try to be friends with them instead.

    You Will Suffer Another Break Up Again

    If you have already gone through several break up, then probably your again suffer the same experience. Or if this is your first break up, there is still a huge possibility of going through that turmoil again because this time he or she already has someone new. Moreover, just in case you succeed with your idea of break up, you will just hurt your ex's new love. You will let them suffer what you have gone through. You know of all people how devastating it is to lose someone, so be considerate of the others feelings. Instead of planning this break up idea, go out with your friends and have fun being single and available.

    Jealousy and Suspicion Will Always be Present

    You might have already talked with your friends during the time you and your ex have already broken up. You might have heard from your friends that they have seen the new lovers hanging out already. This will definitely stick to your mind. Thus, if ever you get back with your ex, you cannot avoid being jealous or suspicious with him or her. This is another reason why it will again lead to another break up with you two.

    You and Your Ex Probably Haven't Changed a Lot

    You cannot easily change what you were used to in just a month or so and this is probably the same in his case. Thus, if you two get back, you are just going to repeat the things that led you to a break up.

    Although it may be hard to accept that you and your ex are not meant for each other, still you need to face that fact. This is not to hurt you more but to save yourself from more heartache. Besides, there are billions of available single out there who might be the one for you. So instead of wasting your time trying to succeed in your breakup plan, why not spend it looking for the one who will treat you and give you all the love you need.

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