Agreement - 1/13 - Sharath Babu & Nagendra Babu


by RajshriTelugu

Agreement - 1/13 - Sharath Babu & Nagendra Babu. Producer : G.Mataiah, Director : Manivannan, Cast : Nagendra Babu, Anusha, Sharath Kumar, Sutti Velu, Prasad Babu, Chitti Babu, Venkateshwar Rao, Master Srinivas Rao, Vijaya Durga, Vinila, Prathiba, Usha, Anuja, Rajeshwari, Sevitha, Kamakshi, Rama, Durga, Manivannan, Music Director : M.M.Keeravani. Synopsis : Raju (Nagendra Babu) ia an educated unemployed person who seeks a job very urgently. He is loaded with responsibilities towards his unmarried sister, a widow mother and a brother. Satyamurthy (Sharath Babu) a very big business tycoon offers him a job. Satyamurthy tries to give all the luxuries possible to Raju. When asked why, Satyamurthy says that he wants Raju to kill Devi (Anusha) his daughter. At first, Raju rejects his offer and also warns him for offering such a job. But then when he remembers his responsibilities, and his financial situation, he has to agree for the murder. Satyamurthy's daughter Devi has come to India after a long time. As pre decided Satyamurthy sends Raju and his family to a hill station and when Devi comes back he sends her also to that place so that Raju can easily kill her. When Devi arrives to the hill station there were many incidents taking place when Raju came for her rescue. Seeing his guts in saving her, Devi falls in love with Raju. Raju also likes her but is unable to express his love as he doesn't want her to know that he is the crimial who has come to kill her. Devi forces Raju to love her and at that moment Raju tells her the truth. Devi is unable to believe that her own father has hired Rau to kill her. But then Raju proves it to be truth. Then afterwards Raju and Devi join for a mission to find out why Satyamurthy is trying to kill Devi. Did Raju break the agreement with Satyamurthy and marries Devi. Why is that Satyamurthy wants to kill his won daughter. Check it out in the movie Agreement.
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