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    Francine du Plessix Gray on Revising Historical Figures



    Francine du Plessix Gray on Revising Historical Figures
    The Graduate Center, CUNY - The Graduate Center, CUNY
    In her long and varied writing career, novelist Francine du Plessix Gray
    has been a fascinating cultural figure. She was born in Warsaw, spent
    her childhood in Paris, and grew up in New York. Regarded as a writer's
    writer notable for her distinguished personal history and freewheeling
    candor, she is a longtime contributor to the New Yorker and the New York Review of Books, and the author of more than a dozen volumes of fiction and nonfiction, including her latest historical novel, The Queen's Lover; biographies of the Marquis de Sade and Simone Weil; and the memoir Them,
    about her mother (Tatiana Yakoleva, onetime lover and muse of the
    Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky) and her step-father (Alexander
    Liberman, legendary editorial director of Conde Nast).

    Extraordinary Lives explores great minds that have shaped our cultural
    landscape. In this series, Graduate Center President Bill Kelly has
    one-on-one conversations with a diverse group of vital contemporary
    thinkers, artists, and visionaries who have indelibly impacted the
    fields in which they work. Previous participants have included Patti
    Smith, Ira Glass, Chuck Close, and Danny Meyer.