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    7 Unusual Town Names Across America

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    Check out these unusual town names from locations across America.

    Here are 7 weird town names across America:

    Number 7 is Accident, a town in Garrett county, Maryland. With a population of nearly 325, the town was incorporated in 1916.

    Number 6 - Climax in Georgia. With an area covering less than a mile, this small sized town has a total population of only 280 people. The town was named climax because it is located on the highest point between Savannah and the Chattahoochee River.

    Number 5 - Monkey's Eyebrows in Kentucky. Some believe that the town got this unusual name because it is in the shape of a monkey's eyebrow.

    Number 4 - Toad Suck in Arkansas. Reportedly, the town got its name from past popular drinking location on the Arkansas River.

    Number 3 - Boring in the state of Oregon. The town was named in 1903 after one of its residents W.H. Boring. Apparently, there is another town with the same name in Maryland. Interestingly, the town's logo is - "Boring, Oregon - an exciting place to live & work".

    Number 2 - Looneyville in West Virginia. Located on Pocatalico River, the town was named after Robert Looney one of its residents who lived here in 1844.

    Number 1 - Truth or Consequences in New Mexico. The town was originally named Hot Springs; however, it changed its name in 1950 after the popular show "Truth or Consequences".

    What's the name of your town?