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    An Abandoned Mansion Is Now Home to Coyotes

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    by Geo Beats

    A Florida neighborhood is left scared after coyotes take over an abandoned house.

    An abandoned mansion in Clearwater, Florida is causing problems for the neighbors.

    Coyotes have been spotted in the area, and the locals suspect that the animals are living in the boarded up house, along with a five foot lizard and other pests.

    The people living near the abandoned house are worried about taking their kids trick or treating on Halloween, for fear of the coyotes.

    One neighbor took pictures of coyotes coming out during the day and stalking a neighbor's yard.

    Other neighbors have reported seeing coyote pups near the abandoned house.

    The property in question has been abandoned for many years.

    Last year, wild animals posed a problem in North Glendale, California. A pack of coyotes began taking over an abandoned house in the area.

    Neighbors were in fear of the animals, claiming that the pups had been raised on the street. Officials from Los Angeles county planned to set up a trap to catch the roaming coyotes.

    What would you do if an abandoned property in your area was overrun with animals?