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    Library Discovers Gun in Donated Hollowed Book

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A library employee was shocked to discover an antique gun hidden in a hollowed-out donated book.

    An antique looking gold and wooden handle .31 caliber gun was found inside of a book that had been donated to the Valparaiso branch in the Porter County Public Library system.

    The gun was stashed in a hollowed out copy of a book called ‘Outerbridge Reach.’

    An employee at the library contacted police about her discovery.

    So many books get donated to the library that there is no record or way of tracking where the gun originated from.

    Assistant Library Director Phyllis Nelson said that this is not the first time that a gun has been found in a donated book. Reportedly there was a similar incident many years ago.

    In another incident, recently, customs officials discovered a hollowed out book, which was carrying 5 kilograms of ephedrine, the drug used to manufacture ‘ice’.

    Earlier this year, a female student purchased an informational book from an seller. She was surprised to find a baggie of white powder in the package.

    She took it to the police, who confirmed it was cocaine.