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    Amazing Skyscraper Design Allows Car Park in Your Apartment

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    No more garages? A new, amazing skyscraper design allows residents to park right in their apartment.

    When you live in a high-rise, having access to your car is not easy and can be time consuming.

    The Hamilton Scotts residences in Singapore have an incredible creative solution.

    The property that was developed by Hayden Properties has en-suite sky garages.

    Instead of parking your garage in a not-so-appealing underground garage, you get to park your car literally in your apartment. Once you arrive, you go through a quick biometric scan and the car is taken right to your home. And when ready to hit the road again, the car is brought down.

    A simple concept but one that surely has quite a bit of sophisticated technology behind it.

    It seems amenities in apartment buildings are no longer restricted to one centralized area and trend is towards making them more accessible on an individual basis.

    One additional example of such a trend is The Canopy concept - envisioned by Boutique Design, a Hong Kong based form, it offers a novel design that takes the idea of melding an urban space and nature much further. The idea is to literally have your full-scale private garden even if you are on higher floors.

    Another case in point - a building being constructed in India will have private pools at the edges of balconies.