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    Man Arrested After Ex-Girlfriend's Ear Is Found in Pocket

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    A man is arrested following a domestic assault after his ex-girlfriend's ear is found in his pocket.

    24-year-old, Joseph Sidney Hall Jr. from Tulsa was arrested for domestic violence, kidnapping, battery and maiming. It all began when the mother of Hall’s child contacted police, claiming that she had escaped from an apartment complex.

    She had severe injuries to her face and body, including a collapsed lung and broken ribs. Unbelievably, a part of her ear was also missing.

    Police arrived at Hall’s apartment and discovered blood stains and hair consistent with the alleged victim’s. The ear portion was discovered in Hall’s pocket.

    It is believed that he tortured his ex-girlfriend while holding her against her will. Hall is being held on $300,000 bond, while the woman is recovering in the hospital.

    Earlier this year, a woman from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma was arrested and charged with maiming. She was accused of biting off a part of a man’s ear during a domestic incident.

    Police soon arrived at the residence. The woman was described as the “dominant aggressor”, given that her upper body was covered in blood and a part of her tooth was missing.