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    China Premier Wen Jiabao's "hidden riches" exposed by New York Times

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    A recent New York Times article exposed the "hidden riches" of the family of China's Premier Wen Jiabao. In a matter of days Wen and his lawyers were denying the details of the story.

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    As it turns out Wen Jiabao, known as the "people's premier", and his family have assets totalling $2.7 billion dollars. According to the New York Times article, his family came into its wealth after Jiabao became a part of China's political elite.
    Born into a "poor family" Jiabao made it part of his political agenda to be more relatable to the Chinese people. His Mother, a schoolteacher, now holds over $120 million in assets. Other family members have been financially supported by state run businesses such as China Mobile, China's largest mobile phone operator.

    This news breaks at a bad time for China, as a leadership change is about to take place November 8. Censors did not take long to block the New York Times along with other links to the article and social media sites, a practice they have been doing quite regularly over the past few months. In an unusual move for Chinese Leaders, Wen Jiabao's lawyers have issued a statement against the foreign press.