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    How to choose a software and web design company

    Paradiso Solutions

    by Paradiso Solutions

    A video by Paradiso Solutions designed to help you choose a software or web design company.

    We are a silicon valley based company with offices in Miami and San Francisco. We have been doing business as software development and consulting firm for over 10 years. We have consultants working on site in different parts of the USA.
    Paradiso provides software development and marketing services to small and medium size businesses. We provide:
    Mobile application developement
    Web development
    SEO and Internet marketing
    Custom Programming
    ECM/OpenSource Consulting
    E-Learning (LMS)

    What You Get:
    Comprehensive client support during your normal business hours
    Pay on project basis or hourly basis
    Hire full-time developer or a team of developers
    Satisfaction guaranteed

    Contact us for a consultation!!,, +1 800 513 5902

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