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    Fleischers Superman - Terror on The Midway - 1941 E08 - Full

    Viral Fortunes

    by Viral Fortunes

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    Clark drops off Lois at night at a circus for her assignment. Lois goes into the big top for the show with her camera. Meanwhile, a small monkey accidentally releashes a Gigantic Ape from its cage. When the ape enters the tent, the people begin to panic. The ape throws aside handlers and breaks free from the remaining restraining ropes. Then it begins attacking people, a wagon, and panics elephants. At the Daily Planet building, Clark gets a ride and arrives at the circus with the police. He begins searching for Lois but changes to Superman as more animals are being freed by the chaos. Superman wrestles a black panther and a lion, then hears Lois scream. He goes to her and wrestles the ape. A fire begins and starts burning the pole Lois is on. Superman throws the ape into a net and catches Lois as the pole begins to fall. At the Daily Planet Clark takes Lois' picture while she types her story.