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    Fleischers Superman - The Bulleteers - 1941 E05 - Full

    Viral Fortunes

    by Viral Fortunes


    A flying "bullet car" suddenly appears at night and explosively destroys the city's police headquarters. The bulleteer criminals announce more attacks, but the mayor chooses to defy them and has the treasury protected. Seeing in the Daily Planet that the mayor will defy them, the criminals leave their hideout and using their bullet car destroy the city's power plant at night. As the city loses power Lois leaves the Daily Planet building, jumps in a car and drives off without Clark. Clark changes to Superman and saves the treasury building from an attack by the bulleteers, then Lois after her car is buried in rubble caused by the bulleteers attack on the city. Superman climbs onto the bullet car, but is thrown and buried by rubble as the bulleteers again attack the treasury. Lois follows and hides in the bullet car while the treasury is being robbed. Superman revives and flies after the escaping car. He pulls the car's roof off and rescues Lois, before letting the flying car crash and be destroyed.