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    Las Vegas Card Expert by Allan Ackerman (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    Allan Ackerman is a true card expert. In addition to being one of the most respected card men in the world he has created many original routines and techniques that are in common use. This double length DVD combines his two previously released videos The Las Vegas Card Expert and Every Move a Move where he performs demonstrates and explains many of his best creations. Allan also reminisces about Edward Marlo and gives his insight and advice on sleight-of-hand.
    Routines performed and explained include
    Change of Mind A spectator thinks of one of five cards. You toss one of them into the pack and then spell her card to find it. The other four cards change to aces.
    76 Collectors A multiphase routine where a seven and a six are used to repeatedly produce a signed selection under impossible conditions. Impromptu Ultra Mental A spectator names a card and when the deck is spread her card is the only one reversed.
    Quick Coincidence A prediction is placed on the table. A spectator selects a card and returns it into the deck so it is sticking out half way. The selected card matches the prediction and the two cards surrounding the selection are its two other mates.
    Ackermans Opener More than an opener this is the act that Allan used when performing for magicians and laypeople. It is a flowing combination of routines where each phase recycles the deck for the next routine. You begin with Alex Elmsleys Brainwave followed by Dai Vernons Triumph A Memorized Deck Routine and close with the Super Cull.
    Mixed-Up Blues An ingenious self-working Oil amp Water routine with blue backed and red backed cards. The Spectator Cuts Double A spectator cuts the deck into four packets that are shown to have the kings on top and aces on the bottoms.
    Gemini Mates Spectators lose the four kings into the deck face up and when the deck is spread they are shown to find their queen mates.
    Impromptu Paul Fox Four spectators think of a ca