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    Fleischers Superman - 1941 E02 - Full

    Viral Fortunes

    by Viral Fortunes

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    The city's National Bank is robbed by a terrifying flying mechanical robot! The robot flies back to it's inventor and empties the cash from itself. The Daily Planet reports the robbery, and that $50 million worth of jewels will be at the House of Jewels. At the jewelery exhibit Clark finds Lois. A mechanical monster appears and starts taking jewels after the police fail to stop it. While Clark phones in the story, Lois hides in the robot. When he finds Lois and the robot gone, Clark changes to Superman and follows the flying robot. Using his X-ray vision Superman sees Lois in the robot and tries getting her but the robot flips, throwing Superman into power lines, when the inventor spots interference. As Superman recovers, Lois is captured by the inventor in his hideout, and tortured in an underground cavern below. Superman arrives and destroys the mechanical monsters despite their flaming attack, and rescues Lois at the last moment from death. Lois get's another scoop.