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    Karl Fulves The Epilogue by Aldo Colombini (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    Karl Fulves legendary magazine EPILOGUE was limited to 24 issues from 1967 to 1975 during those years some of the finest close-up magic of the period was explained in its pages. From the magazines with permission by Karl I have selected ten packet trick routines.
    DEVILS ELEVATOR (Bruce Cervon amp Dai Vernon) One of the finest routine for this classic theme. One of my all-time favorites (and soon to be one of yours)
    TRANSPOSE amp FOLLOW (Gerald Kosky) Two effects combined in a beautiful routine using the Aces and the Kings
    ALA ELMSLEY (Larry Jennings) The Larrys version of the famous Four-card trick by Alex Elmsley
    ROYAL BLUE (Karl Fulves) A packet of red-backed cards is shown front and back. One after the other the four Aces appear and at the end they are shown to have blue backs
    ALL FOR ONE (Bruce Cervon) Three cards are seen to be all 9C then all 3D and finally all QS
    BACK FLIP (Sam Schwartz) This is an eye-popping routine and the repeat color change looks impossible. Four blue-backed Kings turn face up one at a time the backs of the cards change from blue to red and then from red to green
    SWINDLE MATES (Herb Zarrow) A packet is shuffled by a spectator and matches the cards in another packet left always on the table
    UP-UP amp AWAY (J.K. Hartman) Another great elevator kind of routine with a surprising climax
    THREE DIFFERENT WAYS (Paul Swinford) A card changes place with the Ace of the same suit
    DOWN AND UNDER (Roy Walton) A spectator finds two mates. The trick is automatic and it is done with the cards in the spectators hands
    Running Time Approximately 40min