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    How to get sexy Buttocks - Forward Lunges


    by passion4profession

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    How to get sexy Buttocks - Forward Lunges
    • Stand up with your feet spread to shoulder width.
    • Take a step forward keeping your torso as straight as possible.
    • Bend the forward knee to form a slightly narrow angle or a right angle.
    • Pushing with the front leg, return to the starting position.

    The breadth of the step forward varies the weight distribution on the various muscle groups. You can do this exercise in two ways:

    1. Taking a short step:
    Strongly stimulates the quadriceps and reduces the load on the gluteus.
    2. Taking a long step:
    Strongly stimulates the gluteus maximus and the ischiocrural muscles which consequently lengthens the rectus femoris of the rear leg.

    Common mistakes:

    1. Resting the knee of the rear leg on the ground.
    2. Curving the back after taking the step forward.
    3. Standing with the legs too far apart which causes instability and balance problems during the exercise.

    This is a great exercise for neuromuscular coordination and general strength building. The long step version is frequently used by women to tone up gluteal muscles quickly. Both versions of the exercise (short step and long step) stimulate the calf, knee and hip and involve the gluteus to a varying degree depending on the length of the step.

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