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    Zoo Workers Use Shields as Protection Against Mean Cranes

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    Mean and aggressive cranes are causing zoo workers to carry shields for protection.

    Not all zoo creatures are cute and cuddly.

    The Exmoor Zoo, located near Barnstaple, United Kingdom is battling with giant birds.

    Zoo officials are gearing up to protect themselves with shields to ward off aggressive cranes. The birds can grow close to 5 feet tall and they have been known to peck, kick and use their wings to slap the staff.

    It has gotten so bad that law enforcement officials were called in to train employees how to use large police-issued riot shields. A zoo spokesperson states “The shields are easy to manage. They slip on the left arm and leave your right hand free to bring in food, or pick up stuff.”

    Large birds have a reputation for being quite hostile and such efforts of protection aren’t a bad idea. A decade ago, an employee at the San Francisco zoo was hospitalized after a 5-foot, 80 pound bird, native to New Zealand used its claws to attack the man.

    Recently a 2-year-old child was attacked by a free-roaming peacock at the Calgary zoo. The ornery bird pecked the toddler near her eye and clawed her cheek.