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    Surkhab - Episode 8 - Punjabi TV Serial


    by RajshriPunjabi

    Surkhab - Episode 8 - Punjabi TV Serial Surkhab portrays the image of a young Punjabi lad who had been brought up in England and visits his home village after a long time. In this show 'Surkhab' the main character goes through an emotional journey after coming to his native village. Episode Synopsis: Rupi wants to go to meet Surkhab, but Surjeet stops her because she feels that Surkhab is never going to accept Rupi as her wife. Surjeet goes to see who came at Surkhab's place last night. Simran's dad goes to see a Hakeem to get the drug for aborting Simran's child. Simran's aunt mix the drug to abort the child in her milk and gives her to drink.