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    Explore3D Travel: Trails of a Legend 3D

    Al Caudullo Productions

    by Al Caudullo Productions

    "Thai Ponies, Path to Legend" follows the quest of the "Thai Horse Savior", Dr. Siraya Chunekamrai. Cross breeding and improper care have reduced their numbers drastically. Her quest to save the Thai Pony from extinction has lead her on a path of discovery.

    In treating these regal animals Dr. Siraya began to notice striking similarities between the Thai Pony and the Mongolian Wild Horses. Known as Przewalski's Horse, these animals are considered to be the last of the true wild horse left in the world.

    From 2003 - 2007 hair and blood samples were taken and tested at the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at the University of California, Davis. The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory is the most technologically advanced and carries the largest equine genetic database in the world.

    The startling results showed that these gentle ponies are not a modern horse breed but are indeed descendents of ancient horse breeds, including the Przewalski and Asian Wild Horse. In addition, these remarkable creatures show a unique ability to withstand some of nature's most deadly diseases like the deadly West Nile virus.

    How do they surrive? What other secrets do they hold?

    Follow Dr. Siraya from the mountains of Northern Thailand to the steppes of Mongolia and into the vastness of the Gobi Dessert in search of the DNA evidence to validate their heritage.
    Production partners Al Caudullo and Dorn Ratanathatsanee have teamed up to create this visually compelling 3D documentary. The pair are using the state of the art Panasonic AG3DA1 and the Convergent Design, NanoFlash 3D to record these historic events in highest quality 3D.

    This production is being organized by Explore 3D Productions.