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    Pope Leads Prayer for Hurricane Sandy Victims


    by NTDTelevision

    Pope Benedict led prayers to 'alleviate the pain' of families affected by Hurricane Sandy which tore through the Caribbean en route to the U.S.

    Full Story:

    At St. Peters, Pope Benedict led worshippers in prayers for those in Syria and victims of Hurricane Sandy which tore through the Caribbean killing at least 66 people.

    [Pope Benedict XVI]:
    "I wish to assure those who have been affected by this natural disaster of my closeness and my thoughts, while I invite everyone to prayer and solidarity, to alleviate the pain of the families of the victims and to offer support to the thousands affected by the damage."

    Haiti was hardest hit, with 51 dead mostly from flash flooding and mudslides.

    There was also a prayer for Syria, calling for courage for those striving for dialogue. The prayer was read out in Arabic, which made its debut as one of the official languages at the pope's weekly general audience earlier this month. It's part of the Vatican's effort to reach out to both Christians and Muslims in the Arab world.

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