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    Home - The Nameless Bride

    Giuseppe Lama

    by Giuseppe Lama

    This is my entry to the Art by Chance, the "ultrashort film festival" that takes place simultaneously worldwide.

    This year's theme was HOME and this is my personal interpretation.

    Traditionally by folklore, and because of my southern Italian origins we believe that home hosts a benign spirit we propitiate in order to gain and maintain good fortune. This might be one of the reasons why people were always somewhat reluctant to move to new homes; I have these memories of relatives and their generational tales of strange instances, valuables lost and found, inexplicable manifestations and so on...

    My mother was born in the same place where she has returned to live today, some 70 years later. Her mother gave birth to her and two other children in that same place, and lay down to her final rest there. So did her other daughter, after she had lived there with her own family and children.

    So, this is my take on the theme "HOME"; a nameless and faceless presence, to which we are married for life, til death do us part.

    I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making it!
    The score was specifically created by my very good old friend Franco Rizzello. When I contacted him I only had a vague idea and a couple of sketches to show him.

    Thank you so much Franco for producing a beautiful score, it complements the film perfectly.

    Giuseppe Lama

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