BMW Radiator Coolant Flush Leak Repair Minneapolis St. Paul MN

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" We deliver great value for dependable BMW Service in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Keep your vehicle running cool by keeping your car’s radiator and cooling system running clean! A quick, inexpensive coolant flush can help to keep your car’s system in tiptop shape. So what about Radiator leaks? The older your car the more likely this can occur. The most obvious indicator of a radiator leak is a low coolant level. Visually inspect yours from time to time to avoid a major radiator repair or damage to the system. Another sign of a radiator leak is a puddle under your car. It’ll be a bright, neon-green color with a slimy look. This is ethylene glycol, or anti-freeze that comes out during a radiator leak. It is EXTREMELY toxic, so make sure to get it cleaned up and disposed of properly. If you determined that you have a radiator leak, get it checked out soon as you can! It could be an easy fix like a leak in one of the hoses or something more serious.

When it comes to BMW radiator service in Minneapolis and St. Paul, our quality can't be beat!

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