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How to Gangnam Style!

If you haven't heard of Korean pop sensation Psy or if you haven't wanted to learn how to Gangnam Style, then you must be trying to avoid him on purpose!

This guy is huge right now! I mean , really HUGE! His video on YouTube has nearly 600 million views...600,000,000!!! He's been on all of the television shows, such as Saturday Night Live and even Ellen Degeneres where he taught her how to Gangnam Style!

Extremely likeable, Psy has done things and broken through barriers that have never been broken before. I mean, seriously, did you ever think there would be a Korean pop song on the radio and a dance floor full of people wanting to know how to Gangnam Style in the clubs IN AMERICA???

American music has been played around the world forever, but it is rare for artists from other countries to cross over into this market. Shakira was able to do it (probably because she is the hottest woman in the world!!!) as have a few other Latin singers, and of course there are Canadians and the Brits, but an Asian pop star from Asia not only making it into the rotation, but dominating it, is unheard of!

There's good reason for his success though. His song is ridiculously catchy even if you can't understand 98% of it (now we know how all the non-English speaking countries feel!) and the energy that he gives off when he performs is electric.

This song is so big right now that there even parodies called "Romney Style" and "Obama Style" where the politician look-a-likes bash each other to the Gangnam Style tune.

The Newest Viral Video - How to Gangnam Style

When a video goes viral you know that a bunch of copy cat videos are on their way. There have been several Gangnam Style knock-offs and clever videos and, because of the popularity of the original, even these videos are going viral!

Well we think we have found the latest viral Gangnam Style video and we are proud to present it to you first. This video is called "How to Gangnam Style...with Your Hand". It's pretty hilarious, at least we thought so...but then again, we think a Korean cowboy standing over a man in an elevator while making humping movements is funny too!