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Mitigating Adverse Ecological impacts of open oceanfisheries - The MADE european project

il y a 5 ans635 views

Under the FP7, the EU DG Research has funded the research project MADE
(Mitigating Adverse Ecological impacts of open ocean fisheries). The project
aimed at proposing measures to mitigate adverse impacts of fisheries
targeting large pelagic fish in the open ocean. Focusing on tropical tuna
purse seiners using fish aggregating devices FADs and pelagic longliners, the
goal was achieved through the development of appropriate knowledge on
the behavioural ecology of species (with a particular focus on pelagic sharks),
as well as on the fisheries themselves. The project gathered 13 partners from
8 different countries (France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Brazil,
Seychelles) and conducted research in the Indian and Atlantic oceans, as well
as in the Mediterranean Sea.
This movie shows some aspects of the research that was developed under the
MADE project to mitigate bycatch by pelagic longliners and tropical tuna
purse seiners.