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    Minecraft Home V2


    by HoboinArmy

    Update (Oct. 31): Newer update video up, more improvements!
    See it here:

    Update (Oct. 19): Update video #2 is up, more improvements.
    See it here:

    Update (Oct. 6): New video up, shows improvements and has a link to save download.
    See it here:

    This is what Ive been doing in minecraft since my last video. Its my first attempt at a aesthetic house instead of 100% functionality. I tried make it look like a big lodge but I really didnt have anything to go off of, just what came to mind. I had to rape (more like genocide) a forest near my spawn for all the wood (SO MANY STONE AXES OMG).

    This video is really to just show youtube and get opinions on what I should include inside. Its rather big and empty and I need suggestions.

    To do list:
    - Greenhouse (Similar to the one in my last video?)
    - Light house (with lava!)
    - Basement? (Maybe, Im not sure if it needs one.)
    - Mines
    - Storage/Warehouse
    - Dock/Boathouse (Make use of that big lake.)
    - Cobblestone factory (maybe in the basement? Or standalone warehouse)
    - Secret island with bat tunnel/treasure storage.
    - You tell me (in the comments.)