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MineCraft Home Update [+ SAVE!]

5 years ago89 views

Update since my last MC video. A few people asked for my save so I made a couple of the improvements I listed last time and decided to upload the save when I ran out of tools. I didn't make any mines on this save because everyone does it their own way, so all I got for minerals is a couple stacks of coal and some iron I found while exploring.

Most of the house is largely empty because I wanted people who download this to make it their own, (protip: beware of fireplaces) I also left a bare patch of land on the right side of the house for expansion/whatever.

I made some improvements that Im sure some of you will enjoy, first of all, I built this mostly on peaceful (because Im impatient) and while doing some landscaping on the right side of the house to flatten some land, I found a cave that led to a really close dungeon, turned on hard and it was skeletons! Made a trap around it and there is now a fully functional arrow factory next to the house, safe as I could make it.

Other Improvments (Shown in video):
- Crops Farm (Recreated from my first house)
- Basement
- Cobble Stone Factory
- Incinerator
- Infinite water spring
- Plentiful storage
- Arrow Factory
- Lighthouse
- Kitchen


Original Video:

Save File:
Alternate Host:
- Rename folder from World1 to World# (# = empty slot) if you dont want to overwrite something in slot 1.

Disclaimer: Since I didnt have time to mine I gave myself 3 buckets of lava and edited lava into the bubble of the lighthouse. Everything else is legit and hand built. I built the lighthouse too, just added lava in after. That is the only "cheating" or whatever I did.