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    MineCraft Home Update #2 [Cacti, Caves, Lava, and More!]


    by HoboinArmy

    Figured since I got some subs from my last couple videos Id throw another up.
    Same house as my last two videos but just throwing up my improvements. I still haven't done anything to the upstairs but a library and a room are in the works.

    New stuff:
    - Greenhouse expansion
    - Automatic Cactus Farm
    - Reeds
    - 2 new plots of land (One is the layout for a tree farm.)
    - Manmade waterfall
    - Warehouse
    - Smelting
    - Panic Room
    - Torch Field
    - Small Mineshaft
    - LOTS of Lava source blocks
    - Obsidian Farm

    Just to avoid confusion, some of the thing are preparing for future updates:
    - The panic room is for the rumored Red Moons where mobs attack your home and structures. It has plenty of food in the staying chest, and armor and all the tools/weapons you will ever need in the going chest. Also included a small hydroponic farm and a work shop for prolonged stays. Fully constructed out of Obsidian (Creeper Proof!).
    - I used a rather large amount of coal that I found in those caves in the video to make a field of torches for the upcoming Halloween update, all existing torches will become lanterns, hence the field of random torches.
    - Ive centralized almost all of this stuff into this little valley/lake area because when Biomes are released this Halloween I plan to start laying some track and have nearby biomes. The map isnt expanded at all and still only 1MB.

    No save file this time, depending on the request level Ill throw it up.

    Previous Update [With old save file] :

    Feel free to ask questions in comments below.