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    Mellowman Glen

    by Mellowman Glen

    Blaze The Stage is now the premier performance-based, Artist- Development Live Platform, and urban talent search engine, that specializes in identifying, evaluating and validating the "Best Urban Talent in America" (and Beyond)".
    Blaze The Stage utilizes an in house event production team along with an exclusive network of promoters who work in partnership with the BTS brand to showcase young urban stars on the ground floor, creating a national platform to develop their performance skills and build their fan base from state to state, and beyond.
    Furthermore, Blaze The Stage is the exclusive urban talent performance platform that also features opportunities for urban artist to get actual "TV Exposure" - the only urban talent search engine of its kind.
    At its core, the Blaze The Stage’s social objective is that of a 'youth & young adult empowerment movement'.
    Blaze The Stage is poised to revolutionize the music industry from the bottom up.