R-Kelly - Trapped in the closet (6-12)


by C0RnEille

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C'est à mourir de rire de bout en bout cette série... j'espère pour lui qu'il a pas conçu ça comme un drame qui se veut sérieux ...
By Imy47 5 years ago
ha ha ha the Big Man
"Because I'm blessed" at 15:35
By MIMI 5 years ago
C'est R-Kelly qui a été accusé de viol sur une gamine de 13 ans ....
By whiplash Mocky 5 years ago
superbe musique.incroyable tragedie ou tout le monde trompe tout le monde...
By issadu91 7 years ago
J'aime trop comment R kelly chante quand le telephone sonne "they talkin loud while phones ringin,ringin,ringin,ringin but no one answer.... just ignores it.." et avant le policier et sa femme "Then he says 'girl if you hidin' something i'm gonna be so mad', then he hears
something fallin he says ' what the fuck was that?'
She says ' it sound like it came from upstairs, sounds like the plumbing',
He said 'woman that sound did not come from upstairs, i'll be damned if you're not up to something" et juste aprés And then he says move
She says no
He says move
She says no
BITCH MOVE!!! she moves
By liyah78 7 years ago
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