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Just One Traffic Camera in This City Raked $11.6M

5 years ago37 views


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Washington D.C. is boasting millions in revenue from traffic camera tickets.

With an increasing number of counties installing traffic cameras, the local governments are generating millions in revenue.

Just one camera in Washington D.C. has reportedly imposed $11.6 million in fines, ticketing more than 116,000 drivers over the course of 23 months.

The speed camera is installed on New York Avenue. Currently, there are 47 red-light cameras and 46 speed cameras in D.C., making it essential for drivers to be on their best behavior.

Highway and police officials claim that the cameras are in place for safety purposes, to prevent fatal and serious accidents. However many motorists disagree stating that the recording devices are only there for monetary gain.

Recently a new prototype for making traffic cameras less of a problem for motorists has been in the news.

Dubbed the 'noPhoto', it is described as a 'smart digital license plate frame'. According to the product designer - "The noPhoto precisely times and fires a flash at the exact moment needed to overexpose the traffic camera."