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    School Administration Building Had Misspelled Sign

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    An Oklahoma school administration building displayed a sign with the word 'school' misspelled.

    You probably don't expect to see too many spelling errors on public signs, especially in schools.

    In Oklahoma, an administration building boasted a sign, which should have read: Sapulpa Public Schools. However the word ‘schools’ was spelled S-H-C-O-O-L-S.

    Some residents thought it was funny, others found it a little embarrassing, but the sign drew constant attention. A local resident stated “It doesn't make us look very smart, does it? And that's our administration building”.

    Superintendent Dr. Kevin Burr initially told reporters that the sign was a prank, but he later realized he was thinking about a different entrance. He later admitted the botched sign was the error of the installers.

    And the sign was recently corrected.

    Oklahoma isn’t the only state to boast an embarrassing sign. The Red Lion Area School District in Pennsylvania created a banner in an effort to gain sponsorship. The sign should have stated: ‘Become a partner in public education.'

    But, a misspelling caused the opening line to read ‘Become a partner in pubic education’.