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    Live Shark Falls From Sky on Golf Course

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    A live leopard shark was discovered flopping on the green on a golf course.

    Where do you expect to see a shark? In the ocean, ofcourse.

    Well, the employees of San Juan Hills Golf Club were quite surprised to see a two-pound shark flopping around on the green.

    The creature, which measured two-feet long was spotted by a worker near the 12th hole.

    A spokesperson for the golf club stated “There was a puncture wound under his dorsal fin and there was fresh blood.” Officials speculate that either a falcon or an osprey may be responsible for dropping the shark.

    However, a human could also be responsible. The shark survived the ordeal and it was dropped into the water near Dana Point.

    Last year, another shark was discovered in a very unexpected place. The blue shark, measuring approximately 7 feet long was found dead in the woods in Milton, New Hampshire.

    The nearest body of salt water was more than an hour away. Officials believe the shark had been caught by a human and discarded.