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    Car Art Made From Human Bodies

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    In a bizarre form of art, painted human bodies come together to look like a wrecked car.

    Australian illustrator, Emma Hack recently used 17 male and female painted human bodies to build a busted up vehicle to support the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia.

    It is an incredible work of art and is called ‘Body Crash’. The individuals were piled on top of each other and next to one another to form the body of the vehicle.

    It took approximately 18 hours to complete, which included five layers of paint being applied to each person, setting up and posing.

    Twelve men and five women were the chosen models and they were painted in colors of blue, black, silver or white depending on what part of the vehicle they would be portraying.

    The masterpiece was done to bring awareness to the dangers of speeding and promote road safety.

    Hack stated “The inspiration of the design was a low-level speeding crash. The front of the car is quite affected but the back is still in slick condition.”

    The engine is exposed and the bumper is hanging off.

    What do you think of this body art?