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    Drain STH - Crack The Liar's Smile

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    Drain STH (written both sth and STH, for Stockholm) was a melodic metal band from Sweden. They were greatly influenced by the Seattle grunge metal band Alice in Chains.
    Noted today for their Seattle/Grunge sound, Stockholm all female quartet Drain have undergone many direction changes in both musical style and image. Guitarist Flavia Canel and drummer Martina Axen have been together in many acts starting with punk band Livin' Sacrifice (Not confuse with the thrash metal band with the same name). As this act progressed the sound developed into more of a Hard Rock vein.
    As the band then veered into more of a mainstream Pop direction Axen, Calen and vocalist Malin Ekholm quit
    * Maria Sjöholm married Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi, and is now retired from music.
    * Martina Axén sang in Snake River Conspiracy and is now recording a solo album.
    * Flavia Canel, after stints with Anotherday, is now in Blowsight.
    * Anna Kjellberg is now in Revolting Cocks.