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    Cops hounding passengers?


    by timesnowonline

    Despite an assurance from Kerala Chief Minister Oomen Chandy, the ordeal of the Abu Dhabi-Cochin flight passengers, who are being quizzed by Kerala police in connection with hijack alarm case, refuses to end. Some passengers have claimed that they are harassed by the police in the name of a probe which police have started after the pilot's complaint. 6 passengers were reportedly quizzed for two hours at the office of the Asst Commissioner.

    On October 19, the Air India flight 4422 was delayed for over 16 hours after the pilot sounded false alarm at Thiruvananthapuram airport. The pilot, Rupali Waghmare claimed that the passengers on-board threatened her after flight landed at Thiruvananthapuram airport due to bad weather. She said that she sounded hijack alert after some passengers tried to entered the cockpit.