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    Truck Tire Dislodges on Interstate, Lands on Roof

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    A truck tire dislodges while on the highway, eventually landing on a roof.

    People in Philadelphia were lucky to escape possible serious injury from a wayward truck tire. An 18-wheeler truck on Interstate 76 lost a tire, which then hit a Honda, before being flung into the air and crashing on the roof of a nearby building.

    The driver of the truck called authorities after he realized that he had lost one of his tires en route.

    He had driven all the way to New Jersey before he even noticed the tire was missing.

    He decided to notify police after he had heard news reports of the tire landing on a roof.

    Gerard McShea, the public information officer told the Inquirer that the truck driver will most likely not be facing any criminal charges and that he is cooperating with authorities.

    Another object falling from the sky was spotted in a small village in Brazil.

    It is thought to be a piece of a European rocket that fell through the atmosphere. Fortunately, it did not land directly on a house but did hit some trees.