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    Dubai Café Serves Camel Food

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    by Geo Beats

    Camel is a delicacy at this café where the food is prepared from camel meat and milk.

    Could the camel-ccino be coming to a coffee shop near you?

    Camel milk has been around for centuries in the Arabian culture, but the Cafe2go in Dubai is trying to bring it back in popularity with some new drink and meal options featuring camel milk and camel meat. Offering camel-milk ice cream, camel lattes, iced camel mocha and camel-ccino’s, the café has expanded its variety of camel-based food and drinks, adding camel fajitas, camel smoothies, and camel-cheese sandwiches.

    According to some nutritionists, camel milk is easier to digest than cow, goat or sheep’s milk; has ‘less than half the fat and 40 per cent of the cholesterol of cows' milk and three times the vitamin C and 10 times the iron.’

    Currently in three locations, the founder and owner of Cafe2go says, "We wanted to be different and to provide healthy drinks to people.” Five percent of all sales are given to Dubai Charities as a way to give back to the community.

    Would you try it?