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    Boy Overcomes Phobia With Help From Three-Legged Dog

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    A three-legged dog helps a 7-year-old boy gain confidence and overcome his phobia.

    Pets can sometimes bring out the best in people. A three-legged dog certainly helped a 7-year-old boy in the UK.

    Owen Howkins was diagnosed with a genetic disorder which causes his muscles to be forever tense. Owen became withdrawn from other children at school and he would never venture outside of his home or talk to anyone but his family.

    Then his family adopted an Anatolian Shepherd with three legs and things started to change. Now, Owen gladly leaves the house to take his dog for a walk and he tells strangers all about his new pet.

    Like Owen, the Shepherd also had a rough life. He was tied to a railway line less than a year ago.

    He was struck by a train and rescued several days later, but his leg had to be amputated. The pooch takes a remedy of supplements, honey and salmon oil, causing Owen to be a little less down about his own condition.

    Owen’s dad states “they are very attached to each other.”