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    New License Plate Prototype Blocks Traffic Camera Photos

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A new license plate tricks traffic cameras, meaning no tickets!

    With more and more cities installing traffic cameras, it’s much easier to get busted. A new license plate option may be available in the future which will block photos by traffic cameras.

    Dubbed the ‘noPhoto’, it is described as a ‘smart digital license plate frame’. The process is easy too.

    Once the traffic camera ignites its flash, the noPhoto analyzes it and sends its own xenon flash in response. According to the noPhoto website “The noPhoto precisely times and fires the flash at the exact moment needed to overexpose the traffic camera.”

    The new license plate is a prototype and the company is trying to raise funds on IndieGoGo.

    There are laws against license plate covers, however the noPhoto does not physically block the numbers, meaning there is wiggle room for a legal loophole. It is predicted to sell for $350 if it goes into production.

    Would you buy the noPhoto license plate frame?