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    LoL Cypher - Gangplank (Calling out Phreak)


    by TheButtonMasherz

    Calling out Phreak! Leave comments until he mans up to the challenge!

    Thanks to Collective for starting this out!

    Called out by CrazyEnvy:

    You can make one yourself using this same beat! Download below:

    Yaah hah harrrrr ye bilgewaterin rat
    lookin at me? it'll be the last
    time you mock me and my hat,

    I'll Parrrley you half health, Avast Matey,
    you TRY to use your cc, but Remove Scurvy is OP

    You're crying way to much, you can't be clutch
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
    What was that? You don't drink? S
    says who, you're mum?

    Ye cannot run, ye cannot hide
    Cannon barrage'll find you, alright?
    You've got no clue, what you're doing
    meanwhile, I'm jungling
    with something a brewing.

    The Saltwater Scourge, that's the name
    and killing you, that's the game.

    Don't leave just yet landlubber
    for I've got a few more Rhymes
    that would embarrass your mother

    sails away in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

    I've still got an orange or two
    to squirt in your face
    Look now, you've lost
    your whole team got aced

    Now you think you're fast
    SURPRISE I raise morale
    to chase your ass
    Jungle, support, or the top lane
    It drives everyone insane

    Down to depths ye shall go
    swabbin my poopdeck, ye know?
    Avast me hearties, look at this kid
    nothing but a tease, getting me so fed

    Trollin you any day and night
    I'm so bored, will ye put up a fight?
    Blow me down, Shiver me timbers
    I'll tear you up and use you as tinder
    to feed the flames, and your abduction
    as my pirate fleet rains down
    total destruction.