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    Credit Union Definition of a Complete Virtual Branch

    Rod Garlick

    by Rod Garlick

    From a transaction perspective, technology has greatly expanded self serve options for your members. Comprised of
    near universal access to cash via any ATM
    web based banking from desktop and mobile devices
    bill payment
    remote check capture and deposit
    automated lending decisions
    and paperless document imaging and storage.

    The forces driving the future of financial services comes from the rapid adoption of mobile devices, low cost, high tech communications, social media, and faster internet access over wider areas.

    On the horizon looms mobile payment and wallet, and other technologies, all bringing new, potential competitors.

    Younger and more tech-savvy members expect access from their tablet or desktop, smart phone or laptop everything they need to manage every aspect of their accounts. Without ever setting foot in a physical office.

    That is the definition of a virtual branch.

    A complete virtual branch will effectively eliminate geographical barriers, increase your marketing reach, and all while reducing the costs of your infrastructure.

    So what does your branch of the future look like?
    What technology should you add or subtract to maximize efficiency?
    How should you deploy your staff?
    What is missing today from your credit union to ensure a member never has to come into a branch?

    These and other crucial questions must be asked, and answered, to stave off the competition and attract new members. Now is the time to chart your virtual branch.