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    MineCraft Home Update #3 [Happy Halloween! + SAVE!]


    by HoboinArmy

    Sorry for being late, but it is technically still Halloween. I was away for the weekend and I got home late, threw this video together just to get you guys the save. Didn't get to show off anything from the Halloween update (unless you count updated graphics.) But I will get those videos up within the week (since I haven't touched anything myself.) I made a diamond pick and mined the obsidian to make a portal though so you dont have to (The stack is in the inventory).

    This update shows off the new boathouse (for fishing!), the large tree farm, the second dungeon I found (and made into a string factory), and the library I felt like making.

    - The boathouse is something I wanted to do last video because I love fishing IRL. It has a cotton edge so you can hit it at full speed and not do any damage to your boat, as well as a parking spot so you don't accidentally shoot it off into the lake, also has a work station + storage.

    - The tree farm is a 21 plot area with glass roofing and walls, sadly all the glass isn't legit because I don't have a ton of sand on my un-expanded world and I didn't want to ruin the landscape/beaches anymore so I edited in the walls + roof. On average it produces a stack and a half of logs (LOTS OF PLANKS). All the trees are short enough to get chopped down from the ground, but the area is big enough to have trees with branches. Ive never had to boost to cut anything down. The saplings are in stacks of 21 because there is 21 plots. If you want to keep saplings, chop out all the wood and let them dissipate naturally (or smack em yourself), or if you are lazy like me, burn the leaves.

    - I planned on making a mob trap so I dug down and wanted to make a 50x50 room, I stumbled upon the dungeon and looked up how to make a spider trap, works perfectly. I left the access shaft open if you want to get into the dungeon yourselves, its surrounded by torches to the back left of the tree farm. I might get to the mob trap when I have time.

    - Library is just what I felt like doing with the open space in the 2nd floor, I had a lot of reeds+wood anyways.

    - I labeled the open plot of land "Testing Grounds" because I always did my test builds there anyways (and pyromaniac experiments), feel free to do whatever you want with it (like you need my permission right?)

    Side Note: If you wondered why I made an "H" shape around my doorways (I.E. Glass one on main house and Log one on Tree Farm) it is because I dont like a door in the middle of nowhere so I like to frame it, and its an H shape because I am Hobo.

    Save File:
    Alternate Host:
    - Rename folder from World1 to World# (replace "#" with the number of an empty slot) if you dont want to overwrite something in slot 1.