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    MineCraft Home Update #4 [Mini Update + Portal Room!]


    by HoboinArmy

    I know this is a really small update but I haven't gotten you guys any Halloween videos yet. This video is really just suggestions from you guys.

    Also: What do you think of the nested rooms Ive been putting in that back wall of dirt? I think its pretty good, dont have to make a new structure (or on occasion eye sore) but they look good and in place in a row like they are.

    Someone told me my mineshaft wasn't very safe so I made it so you HAVE to touch the ladder to go down, no accidental falls, threw in a nice border around the door (dirt didn't look so good) and a small station. I still have plans to expand the map and make a large mining complex though.

    I also asked what my portal room should look like, I got a few suggestions and I wanted to give it that science-y feel so I added the observatory. Its not complete yet, I wanted to add some bloodstone torch pillars and stuff to make it look cool. I also need to add a station and some safety features (cant figure out how to extinguish portal, maybe a sand trap.)

    Also, I am extremely happy to have made my first red stone object, the double iron safety doors :D.

    **I have yet to go into the portal, I wanted to make a special video for that.