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    MineCraft Tutorials: Fence Design


    by HoboinArmy

    MineCraft Tutorial #2 [The Art of Fences]

    Another tutorial, this one is how you can use wooden fences for aesthetic design.

    A while back a bunch of people asked me how I did the fences in my storage room. It really comes down to one technique, and creativity. You can make tons of things out of fences but these are just the basics, and some ideas.

    Summarized Basics:
    - ALWAYS work top down when making a solid fence stack.
    - Use quick and easy materials like Dirt, Gravel, or Sand when making the frameworks.
    - Blocks can be stacked on fences, but you cant simply put a fence on top of another fence.
    - Be creative, it changes up the look of a normal blocky home.

    Need help? Leave a comment, or tell me about how this tutorial might have helped you!