God of War: Ascension Details, Halo 4 Pre-Order Madness, Xbox 360 Subscription Program Expands - Nick's Gaming View Episode #88

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Coming up today on Nick’s Gaming View, God of War: Ascension details unleash chaos, Halo 4 crosses one million mark before release, and Microsoft expands Xbox 360 subscription program, THIS IS NICK’S GAMING VIEW!

Hello everyone and welcome to Nick’s Gaming View, you are here with your host, Nick McCandless. Sony’s AAA action-adventure release slated for March 12th of 2013, God of War: Ascension has recently unleashed its chaos with a slew of new details in regards to the upcoming multiplayer beta and other features integrated within the upcoming God of War release. After a month of anticipation since the God of War: Ascension beta was announced, Sony has officially announced that those subscribed to PlayStation Plus will obtain access to the franchise’s debut in the online multiplayer realm this Winter allowing gamers to get their hands on an experience that has yet to be delivered. Along with the multiplayer beta details, Sony has announced an all-new social experience for God of War, titled “The Rise of the Warrior” where you will have the opportunity to “live out your warrior’s journey in an epic new graphic-novel style story. You will embark on a quest for redemption that leads you toward becoming the next Champion of the Gods.” For those who complete the social challenges, early beta access to God of War: Ascension will be granted in preparation for its March 12th release

While waiting for Kratos’ reemergence into the gaming scene, those who own an Xbox 360 are in for a treat November 6th when Microsoft delivers arguably the most anticipated release of 2012, Halo 4. Predicted to match, if not outdo Halo 3’s 11+ million copies sold, Halo 4 has already had over one million copies pre-ordered in North America outselling over 90% of the video games released over the years.

Wrapping up with Microsoft, the subscription program offering a 4gb Xbox 360 and Kinect for the low price of $99.99 with a two year $14.99 a month commitment has expanded into offering the same package except rather than limiting gamers to 4GB, they will have the option to go with the 250GB Xbox 360 for the price of $149.99 with the same two year commitment. Could the decision to expand the subscription program indicate success within Microsoft’s pilot program? If so, don’t be surprised to see such pricing implemented for the next-generation Xbox.

Well that concludes today’s episode of Nick’s Gaming View but be sure to follow me on Twitter @NickMcCandless and check back daily for Nick’s Gaming View for your daily access pass to all things gaming.

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