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Did you ever dream of accessing from your desktop, at any time, in just a few clicks, … to an astonishing selection of international senior executives who have successfully faced the same business situation you are facing today and who will be able to advice you, quickly at an unrivalled cost ? Let’s see how it works. First, I select one of the 4 domains of expertise.
I choose for example, “starting a new activity abroad”, just follow me. Now I specify 4 mission details (target territory, industry sector, Nature of business issue / opportunity, consultant competence) . As optional only, I can also specify 2 additional consultant details (his/her country of residence and another language fluency besides English). Now I submit my search. Let s see the results. If I want to display the full short biography of one profile, I just need to click on “view profile”. Last action : select one of the proposed consultants and choose the duration of his/her mis

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